Summit Stylist

Visit with The Summit’s Personal Shopper and Stylist, Isha Casagrande. Find Isha in the Stylist Lounge next to Yankee Candle, every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning on January 8.  

 During your 30 minute complimentary consultation, Isha will explain how to create various looks from your existing wardrobe. In addition, she’ll make suggestions about select items needed to enhance your style or transition clothing between seasons.

 You’ll leave the styling session with tips about dressing to accentuate your shape, a shopping list of items and recommendations about stores at The Summit to find these perfect pieces.

 If you prefer to shop with Isha, you can schedule a consultation and an in-store session based on the following menu of options:

 $250 – one hour of shopping and styling

 $500 – one and a half hours of shopping and styling

 $750 – two hours of shopping and styling

 $1000 – two and a half hours of shopping and styling

 For services of $1500 or more, Isha will coordinate with you to arrange an exclusive shopping and styling session.    

 Call 853-2500 for information and to schedule a styling or shopping appointment.